Becky (viking_punk) wrote in military_graphx,

*yay* newbie!

Your name (nick names are welcome as well)?: Becky
Age, birthday if you wish?: 19 - 10/13/86
Location (optional)?: So-Cal for now
If there is someone in your life that's in the military, who are they?: My husband Jeremy
Are you in the military?: no, had considered it a few times in high school though
Status (married, engaged, relationship?): newlywed (5/5/06)
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Welcome to our community, I hope you like it here! There should be some new stuff coming along in the next couple of weeks and if you think of something you'd like let us know :)
You are a newlywed! Congrats! :)
oh and welcome lol XD

-Becky T.
Hey and welcome :) Like the other mod said, I hope you like it here. I'm the creator and first MOD but l_anana is the second. So come to either of us if ya need something.

Feel free to post, request, rant, whatever ya want!