Vanessa...The Original Big Ballin' Bitch (bigballinbuick8) wrote in military_graphx,
Vanessa...The Original Big Ballin' Bitch

new member

Your name (nickname)?: Vanessa (V-Dub is my myspace nickname haha)
Age, birthday if you wish?: 20, January 8th
Location (optional)?: SW Florida
If there is someone in your life that's in the military, who are they?: My boyfriend
Are you in the military?: no
Status (married, engaged, relationship?): Dating off and on for a year and a half, hopefully soon to be engaged!
Anything else you want to add?: BCT is beginning soon for him and I am terrified of the separation especially since we just recently got back together. Any tips on keeping in touch and keeping the relationship strong throughout this time is greatly appreciated.
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