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Military Graphx

Military Graphics!
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This community involves sharing and creating graphics for the military. Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy, we have it all here! Anything that has to do with patriotism, September 11, and any war that has occured is welcome. I specialize in logos and photos with decoration and lyrics, while other girls can do the same and then some! This is a very love oriented community as well, but we also create things on a stern level as well! Anyone is welcome, we turn no one down! This is a new community and my first, so bare with me..

Friendly faces and welcoming words are a MUST!

No "this branch is better than that branch" of service! They all serve the same purpose and all the men and women are giving it their all!

If you have a problem or concern with another member, please take it up with me first. I want to keep this as friendly and safe as possible.

I encourage crediting and spreading the word about this community. It's not a must but it would be nice :)

Make all posts friends-only please =]

OPSEC. It's VERY important. From time to time we will have discussions here and I cannot stress this rule enough!

As of right now these are the only rules I can set because as I said before, this is a new community.

Your name (nicknames are welcome):

Your SO's name (nicknames are welcome):

Age or DOB:

Have you ever considered military?

5 Facts about yourself:

Anything you would like to add?:

If you wish to promote this community in your profile or wherever possible, please do so..
here are some buttons and logos and other graphics that you can use at your own will!
If you are unsure of how to link the image with the community, just ask someone or checkout http://www.webmonkey.com for some html cheats :)